Kindergarten Čakovec

Kindergarten Čakovec

Kindergarten Čakovec

Kindergarten Čakovec is a public institution that conducts programmes in the fields of education, health care, nutrition and social care adapted to developmental needs of children, their capabilities and abilities in the Čakovec City area.

Along with the educators and nurses,children are attended on a daily basis by members of the expert team: a pedagogue, psychologist, speech therapist, defectologist and two medical managers. Their activities are carried out in ten different locations in 42 educational groups comprising 900 children.

The programmes implemented in the Kindergarten Čakovec according to the State Pedagogical Standard of Pre-School Education (Official Gazette Nr. 63/08):

Programmes according to duration:

  •  full- day programmes in the duration of 10 hours a day
  •  half-day programmes in the duration of 4 and 5.5 hours (children with developmental difficultes)

Public needs programme:

  • pre-school education of children with special educational needs – potentially gifted children at the kindergarten ''Vjeverica''
  • children with developmental difficulties integrated into all ten local branches according to permanent residence and possibility of inclusion
  • pre-school education in the language and script of national minorities (the Roma national minority – kindergarten ''Pirgo'') and integration into two local branches

Special/shorter programmes:

  • the programmme which emphasises religious content – kindergarten "Cipelica"
  • the Catholic religious education programme – kindergarten "Krijesnice"

Alternative educational programmes

  • the programme according to the Maria Montessori concept – the Montessori programme – kindergarten ''Maslačak''
  • the programme according to the Rudolf Steiner concept – the Waldorf programme – kindergarten ''Cipelica''
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