The Association of Preschool Educators "Krijesnice"

The Association of Preschool Educators

The Association of Preschool Educators "Krijesnice"

The Association of Preschool Educators "Krijesnice" was founded on the 5th of March 2008 in Čakovec, with the aim of assembling educators and other interested and creative individuals. The objective of the Association is to promote the profession, increase the competence of educators and improve the quality of working with pre-school children in accordance with the Humanistic developmental approach in pre-school education in the Republic of Croatia.

The activities of the Association are focused on the professional advancement, growth and development of educators; recommending measures for the improvement of the professional status of educators and their working conditions to the relevant bodies and implementing measures in cooperation with appropriate bodies; organising seminars, lectures, thematic workshops and conferences providing educators with opportunities for professional development; participating in the planning of educational strategies related to educational segments in pre-school education; designing projects related to pre-school education and submitting proposals for these projects to the appropriate state authorities; promoting the preschool educators' work; informing the public about the activities of the Association; developing programmes of international cooperation and being included in the activities of similar non-profit associations; publishing periodic issues, educators' magazines, handbooks, books, as well as conducting, analysing and evaluating research from the field of its activity (in accordancewith legal regulations); strengthening cooperation with similar organisations in Croatia and outside the country.

The members of the Association are actively involved in research from the field of early and preschool education with the aim of furthering educational practices. Their professional and scientific papers have been presented at numerous conferences in Croatia and the entire Europe.



“Let’s grow up together in Međimurje” 2010 / 2011 Pre-school education project for the Roma national minority “Let’s go to kindergarten” in cooperation with the Kindergarten Čakovec and the Developmental Agency of the City of Čakovec where the Association was responsible for the professional training of educators, as well as increasing pedagogical competences of parents.

"Supporting inclusion of preschool children with disabilities in mainstream kindergartens in Croatia" in cooperation with the Croatian Association of Early Childhood Intervention, as well as kindergartens from Zagreb and Split.

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