Kick-off conference

Kindergarten manager speech

Kindergarten manager speech

The initial conference of the project ''Earlier inclusion of Roma children in the regular educational system –pilot project 'Let's go to kindergarten!''' was held on the 23rd of October 2013 in the Scheier Hall in Čakovec, beginning at 1 p.m. The project is implemented jointly by the Kindergarten Čakovec, the Pre-school Educators' Association ''Krijesnice'' and the Development Agency of the Municipality of Čakovec Čakra Ltd.

The Kindergarten Čakovec principal, Gordana Patarčec, gave a presentation at the conference, providing introductory information on the project. This presentation was followed by a lecture by prof. Sanja Brajković, titled ''Cultural differences'', and the presentation ''Family Law'' by Goran Ružić, dipl.iur. The conference was attended by 74 guests.

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