Closing conference

Begining of the conference

Begining of the conference

The closing conference of the project „Let’s go to Kindergarten!“ which was jointly implemented by Kindergarten Čakovec, Educators association “Krijesnice” and Development agency of the municipality of Čakovec was held on 10th of February 2015.

Participants were welcomed by the Mayor of town Čakovec, Mr. Stjepan Kovač, vice-County prefect of Međimurska County Mrs. Sandra Herman and Parliament representative of 12 national minorities in the Republic of Croatia Mr. Veljko Kajtazi.

Information on realization of the project was presented by the Director of Kindergarten Čakovec after which the promotional movie was reproduced.

Presentation “Pre-school education of Roma” was held by Mrs. Slavica Bašić, PhD.

Presentation “Intercultural environment in Kindergarten” was held by Mrs. Sanja Brajković, Professor.

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