On the 30th of August 2013 an Info day was held at the Kuršanec Family Centre for parents whose children were enrolled in the kindergarten.

Kick-off conference

The initial conference of the project ''Earlier inclusion of Roma children in the regular educational system –pilot project 'Let's go to kindergarten!''' was held on the 23rd of October 2013 in the Scheier Hall in Čakovec, beginning at 1 p.m. The project is implemented jointly by the Kindergarten Čakovec, the Pre-school Educators' Association ''Krijesnice'' and the Development Agency of the Municipality of Čakovec Čakra Ltd.

Workshops for supportive parenting

In the period from the 30th of September 2013 to the 2nd of June 2014 ten interactive workshops for supportive parenting were held. The complete organisation and proceedings of all interactive workshops was the task of the project partner, the Association of Pre-school Educators ''Krijesnice''.

Workshops for educators and roma assistants

The workshops intended for educators and Roma assistants were organised with the aim of raising the quality of working with Roma children during the project and in the future. Six workshops were held in the period from the 28th of October 2013 to the 16th of June 2014.


As part of the project, the children were to be taken on excursions to Trakošćan and Zagreb.

Swimming lessons

The project included swimming training in the duration of 3 months. The swimming school programme was organised by the Children and Youth Sports Association at the ''Marija Ružić'' City Swimming Pool in Čakovec in the period between the 5th of March to the 28th of June.

Cultural shows

Attending cultural programmes was also foreseen as part of the project for the children. From December 2013 until May 2014 the children saw four plays by the theatre group ''Pinklec'' at the Cultural Centre in Čakovec.

Multicultural symposium

The Association ''Krijesnice'' organised and carried out a symposium on multiculturalism for experts from the field of multiculturalism and equal educational rights on the 8th of November 2014 at the Cultural Centre in Čakovec.

Closing conference

The closing conference of the project „Let’s go to Kindergarten!“ which was jointly implemented by Kindergarten Čakovec, Educators association “Krijesnice” and Development agency of the municipality of Čakovec was held on 10th of February 2015.
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