Goals of the project

Children playing

Children playing

The Roma population is poorly included into pre-school education. In most cases the members of this minority fail to complete elementary education. An improvement in the effect of the  education in the Roma population would be achieved if the children were included in pre-school programmes already at the age of 5.

The goals of the project:

1. Raising the level of language knowledge, cultural and social skills of Roma children through early inclusion into the educational system (target group of 40 Roma children at the age of 5 – Activity 1 – Education of Roma children) 

2. Raising the parents' awareness of institutional aspects of education and care for Roma children ( target group: 40 Roma parents – Activity 2 – Support for Roma national minority parents through interactive workshops)

3. Instruction on the Roma way of life for the educators and assistants, and finding optimal ways of supporting the integration of Roma children into the regular educational system (target group: 100 educators, assistants and staff – Activity 3 – Training for educators and Roma assistants)

4. Raising awareness of participants and target groups on the need and importance of earlier inclusion of Roma children into the educational system – children from the age of 5  (all target groups and end users  Activity 4)

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