Activities of the project

Joint photo

Joint photo

The activities of the project:

1. Educating Roma children from the age of 5

1.1. Furnishing two rooms in the Kuršanec Roma Centre – supplying didactic toy kits, supplying furniture (74 pieces). Partners responsible for implementing activities:  Results:  1 package of didactic toys was supplied, consisting of 217 pieces; furniture was supplied for two rooms consisting of 74 pieces of furniture in total– cabinets, shelves, a table, chairs. 
Research – analysis of the current state of 5 year-old Roma children – knowledge of language, social skills, cultural skills, in order to assess progress by the end of the project. Results: 1 Research- analysis; two testing points for the target group (40 Roma children at the age of 5) – one before beginning the project activities and one after the activities are implemented.

1.2. Inclusion of Roma children into kindergartens through the pilot project ''Let's go to kindergarten''– learning the Croatian language through play, increasing social, cultural, emotional and motor skills of the children, development of character and  creativity, excursions, swimming school etc. The 40 children were divided into two groups of 20 children, each group including an educator and a Roma assistant employed for the requirements of the project for 12 months. Results: 40 Roma children included into two educational groups, two excursions, 3 months of swimming training, 4 cultural programmes, employment of 2 educators and 2 Roma assistants. 

2. Support for Roma national minority parents through interactive workshops

2.1. Organizing the Info day for parents whose children are included in the kindergarten activities encompassed by the project– including parents in interactive workshops with the topic of psychosocial development of children. Results: 1 Info day for the parents, with 40 Roma parents attending, and 5 experts participating (psychologist, doctor, 2 educators and a kindergarten principal)

2.2. Workshops for supporting parenting - 10 interactive workshops supporting parenting throughout a 10-month period (the topics of the workshops are in the Application form). Results: 10 workshops, 40 Roma parents, lecture materials, 3 lecturers included

3. Training for educators and Roma assistants

3.1. Organising training workshops for the lecturers –  training for 20 educators and 4 Roma assistants in quality work with Roma children during the project and in the future

3.2. A symposium for experts in the field of multiculturalism and rights to equal opportunities– intended for all experts in the field of multiculturalism and rights to equal opportunities in the Međimurje County. Two Croatian experts from the field of multiculturalism and rights to equal opportunities will be conducting the event and presenting examples of good and bad practices. Results: the symposium was held, 80 educators were trained, 6 experts were included in conducting the symposium (2

4. Project management and promotion of the project “Let's go to kindergarten!“

4.1. Project management - Čakra will participate as a supporting institution in managing and administration of the project throughout the 18 months of its duration (participation in implementing activities and preparing reports on the progress of the project, coordinating project activities). Results: the project team, records from project team meetings, equipment required by the project team

4.2. Promotion of the project ”Let's go to kindergarten!“ – preparing project brochures, promotional film, cooperation with the local TV station, design and maintenance of the project web page, project promotional material, newspaper articles, initial and final conference of the project. Results: brochures, promotional material, TV show, project Internet page, project logo, folders, writing pads, pens, posters, article newspapers, initial and final conference of the project.

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